Celtic Spirits at Merkenstein

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The night, when CELTICA filled the mystic arena with fire and life…

CELTICA turns the mystic arena, which dates back to the ancient Romans, into the impressive scenery of their phenomenal “Celtic Spirits“-streaming-show! The band performs the powerful music of the current album with additional artists like a huge classical choir, drummers, violin, harp, Irish Dancers and fire-artists.

All the experience of more than 550 CELTICA live performances from Alaska to Hawaii, from Wacken to Sout Spain and even in India flew into this show: Mystic torches on the bagpipes and burning drum sticks thundering against mighty drums create a cult like atmosphere, the famous big symphonic  Celtic Rock sounds bright and optimistic. Influences of Irish Folk, Symphonic Metal, and even Classical music blend to Celtic music full of lust of life. After months of no concerts all the held back energy turned into sheer joy of playing at this unique performance.

This DVD is an absolute must have for every fan of masterly played bagpipes, of Medieval, Celtic Irish and Scottisch music and for any Rock-fan who simply loves powerful, positive music!

And buying this DVD at the band´s web shop, you directly support Celtica in these times without performances.

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