Celtic Rock Radio Welcomes Perkelt

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Celtic Rock Radio is pleased to welcome Perkelt to the broadcast lineup.

PerKelt is a Pagan Speed Folk band based in London, UK. Their poetry and strong message of freedom and joy merges together with crazily fast, powerful rhythms and joyful melodies. The music of PerKelt blends together the upbeat “engine” of drums and guitars, their trademark unrivalled duels of fiddle and recorders, haunting pagan vocals and the deep tribal vibes of didgeridoo. Somewhat elusively beyond the usual physical limits, PerKelt reaches deep inside our soul and make us dance, laugh and love.

I personally found the flute music by band member, Paya Lehane,to be a true feature of Perkelt’s sound. Some of her melodies reminded me of the Podling Feast Jam from the movie, “The Dark Crystal” (yes, I’m dating myself). The excellent guitar work of band member, Stepan Honc, balances these awesome flute riffs, and the rest of the ensemble – David Maurette on drums and Duncan Menzies on vocals – gives Perkelt its truly unique vibe.

Glad to have them onboard!