Bog Iron – Star of the County Down

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As the Station Manager of Celtic Rock Radio, I love it when bands come out with a new album. It’s exciting, and any new album represents a significant investment of time and energy for any group of artists.

So when Bog Iron finally released Star of the County Down, I listened to it right away!

This is a short album, containing 4 tracks. The title song, “Star of the County Down” is a classic Irish folk tune, but Bog Iron shows their grungy metal chops by covering this song in a monotone gravel voice. The track is backed by Bog Iron’s amazing instrumentals, and the end result is a great modern rendition of song we all know and love.

The rest of the tracks on this album are 3 shredding instrumentals that as the band itself says are ‘hard as bog iron’!

These tracks include:

  • Maggie and the Priest
  • Kerns and Gallowglasses
  • The Jig of Liam Fitzmurderhorse

You can download Star of the County Down from the Bog Iron website. As always, you can listen to Bog Iron on Celtic Rock Radio and on their different social media music channels.

Rock on, my friends!